Keen to contribute to the roll-out of electrical mobility throughout the region, SDE 76 chose IZIVIA to roll out and manage its network of charging points in Seine-Maritime.


An integrated service, for an ambitious mobility project.

Within the context of a 4-year contract signed in 2015, SDE 76 has chosen IZIVIA to roll out a network of fast charging points across the department.

We are involved in the whole value chain, from supplying the equipment through to the technical and commercial management of the charging points and supervision throughout the project.

  1. Supply and installation of charging points: manufacturers chosen in close collaboration with the department, overseeing the installation work, coordination of the civil engineering work and electrical connections, supervision of subcontractors.
  2. Local power management: smart distribution of the power delivered by the charging point to reduce costs by limiting the connection power to 36KVA.
  3. IT supervision of the network: an effective tool for managing the charging points remotely, developed in-house by our IS engineers, allowing us to monitor and manage a network of charging points in real time.
  4. Technical operation and maintenance of the charging points: overseeing the maintenance work thanks to a CMMS tool whereby preventive and corrective maintenance work and on-site repairs can be triggered to make sure the charging points are maintained.
  5. Marketing the service: we take care of all the commercial management on behalf of SDE 76 via our CRM tool, from marketing to managing customer relations, including generating revenue and billing for the charging service.

90 charging points installed and managed by IZIVIA in 2017, 130 charging points planned for 2018

SDE 76 has decided to reiterate its trust in us to roll out a network of additional charging points. The renewed partnership between SDE 76 and IZIVIA will see more than 130 new charging points in 2018, available to users in the Seine-Maritime department.

  • A consolidated network for the whole department: guarantee access to all vehicles currently available thanks to the presence of two types of socket (T2 and EF) on the charging points; interoperability with other partner systems to complement the local network, essential in a tourist region travelled through by many European visitors.
  • Simplified usage: 22KW fast charging capacity, two points per charging terminal, technical support hotline for users available 24/7 for remote repairs.
  • Real-time monitoring of the service’s consumption: the ability for SDE 76 to see how its network is working and being used in real time: the charging points in use, faults, the number of users, charging status and energy consumed.

« Due to its experience of managing and supervising different systems, IZIVIA has established itself as a credible candidate. As well as this, we felt it was wise to use a company connected to a leading national company like EDF. The rollout was carried out a sustained pace, with 15 charging points installed at the beginning of June, and plans for 90 in the autumn. At every site visit, we were accompanied by by IZIVIA »

Patrick De Wit

Director of SDE76