Domino’s Pizza

IZIVIA designed a customised charging solution for Domino’s Pizza, in order to respond to the issue of scooter deliveries in town centres.


An ambitious goal for the leading pizza delivery company: replacing its fleet of fossil-fuel scooters with electric ones. The first step in this move is the Issy Les Moulineaux branch.

Since 7 March in Issy-Les-Moulineaux, Domino’s Pizza France delivery staff have been travelling “blue”: blue for their company’s logo, but also blue for the electricity that now powers their vehicles.

Within the context of an agreement with EDF and with the support of the town of Issy-Les-Moulineaux, which is introducing robust environmental policies, IZIVIA has developed a charging bollard created specifically for the scooters used by Domino’s Pizza France, and installed a prototype in front of the Issy-les-Moulineaux branch.

Domino’s Pizza France is thus helping to reduce sound and air pollution, in keeping with the town’s commitments. A means of transport that respects local residents and businesses. This project could be rolled out on a larger scale by the number 1 pizza delivery company, whose goal is to make its existing fleet greener and increase the number of eco-delivery drivers it uses.

The charging solution available for 2 wheels in a self-service format.

“With EDF and IZIVIA, 2 key players when it comes to developing electric mobility solutions, we have developed a robust charging solution that’s easy to use, fits in with the urban landscape and has been welcomed without any problems by local shopkeepers and pedestrians. The installation of this charging point “for everyone” means that drivers can charge up their 2-wheeler themselves.” Domino’s Pizza” Domino’s Pizza

Composition of the station

  • 2 sturdy charging bollards (photo)
  • So 4 sockets in total

Unveiling of the 1st charging system for electric scooters in Issy les Moulineaux designed by EDF and IZIVIA and adopted by Domino’s Pizza France.