Are you a business or a local authority? Are you interested in electric mobility, and keen to offer your employees or citizens a charging service?

IZIVIA offers you the benefits of its expertise to help you with every step of your project. You can enjoy customised solutions to install charging, access and payment facilities.

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Thanks to its off-the-shelf solutions, IZIVIA offers a comprehensive service for every part of your project: from supply to installation and maintenance for your charging facilities, including IT and sales solutions for the charging points.

You are a company or local authority, and are keen to embark on an electric mobility project, but you lack expertise, and you don’t know where to begin. You are looking for support from a professional you can trust.

IZIVIA analyses and defines your mobility project with you. Our role ranges from technical feasibility studies to the operational management of your project. Making sure we respect your deadlines and your budget, we offer you our know-how for the highest level of support when it comes to managing your project.


Installing a network of charging points demands specific skills.

We offer you:

  • A project team
  • Our IT tools
  • A network of partners you can trust.

Once your project has been defined, you will need to set up the charging points.

IZIVIA can manage the supply of charging equipment as well as installation in the locations you have chosen. You can trust us with the site management, we will organise the different suppliers, and keep you informed of progress.


IZIVIA does not manufacture charging points, and we also use other manufacturers to find the charging point(s) that best suit your needs. Our tasks:

  • Studying technical feasibility (maximum power permitted, complexity of the connection etc.).
  • Choosing the right equipment. We work with all the different manufacturers of charging points and try out their equipment to make sure it is compatible with our supervision system.
  • Negotiating the order for the charging points, to offer you the best price.
  • Drawing up a commercial proposal including:
  • The technical description of the equipment,
  • A customised breakdown of figures,
  • The contractual commitments,
  • The equipment guarantee.
  • Coordinating the arrival of the equipment with the dedicated installation team.


Once the charging equipment has been chosen and delivered, IZIVIA manages the installation process. In general, we will use an electrician for this, to reduce costs and avoid travel. Our role involves:

  • Advising you on civil engineering aspects.
  • Working with the most competent and best-placed installers.
  • Negotiating the installation service.
  • Drawing up a commercial proposal including:
  • Describing the location of the charging points,
  • A customised breakdown of figures,
  • The contractual commitments,
  • Monitoring the work and making sure deadlines are met.
  • Respecting the guarantee of completion.

Managing a number of charging points means being able to monitor the status of every charging point at any moment, in real time: Is it working? How much does it consume? Does it need maintenance? Is it out of order?

In order to operate charging points and manage the associated commercial services, IZIVIA uses technical supervision and commercial management tools that we have developed ourselves. These IT tools mean that we can gather the data produced by the charging points, allow the user (whether a client, employee or a visitor to your site) to charge his/her vehicle or not, and intervene remotely to manage the charging points.

IZIVIA’s supervision tool is an independent information system (made up of several servers hosted in data centres in France) to which the charging points are connected.

Supervision is provided in SaaS mode (Software as a Service), which means that access to information is via a secure website. A username and password will be provided to access the tool.

This tool means the operator can interact with the charging points, including in particular to:

  • monitor the activity status of the charging points (map of the charging points, details for each charging point with description of the sockets etc.),
  • operate them if necessary (restart, start charging remotely, open a hatch etc.),
  • configure them,
  • get statistics about the charging points (charges completed, total consumption, average charging time, maintenance history etc.).

IZIVIA is responsible for hosting, maintaining and developing the tool. Supervision is the first link between the operating team and the network of charging points.


Why choose IZIVIA’s supervision solution?

  • A fully operational solution, used every day by our team
  • One module so it’s easier to use
  • A platform that is compatible with all charging points that support OCPP* v1.5 & 1.6 (2.0 compatibility currently under development). For specific projects, server-to-server connection may be possible.

Maintenance and technical operation services are essential for the smooth running of your network of charging points. IZIVIA offers different service levels depending on its clients’ needs and budget.

User support

For users who have any problems when charging, IZIVIA has a dedicated, qualified in-house team that responds to users 7 days a week, in French and English. Their number is displayed on the charging points. Thanks to the supervision tool, this team can manage technical issues including: the customer experience, using the charging point, incorrect use etc. It can resolve issues remotely, by unlocking a socket or starting a charge, which means that 80% of calls can be resolved without anybody needing to intervene physically.

For commercial issues, IZIVIA’s customer relations unit, available from Monday to Friday between 9am and 6pm, responds to clients’ questions about the service (prices, differences between subscriptions etc.) and handles any problems associated with bills for charging, different access methods etc.

Charging point maintenance

To make sure the charging points are maintained in good working order and ensure optimum availability of the service, IZIVIA calls upon the services of maintenance professionals. Our team manages preventive maintenance, by supervising its clients’ network of charging points. For corrective maintenance, we can promise you that we will intervene to resolve an issue on D+1.

All maintenance work is tracked using our tools to optimise the overall maintenance of the network of charging points and submit a report to the client summarising how their fleet is performing.

Whether your charging points are used by your employees, your citizens, visitors to your sites or the general public, we offer access solutions for charging, from identifying the user to billing if applicable. Nothing could be easier.


The most common way of managing access to charging points is a simple RFID pass, connected to a client account created on a dedicated website (either that of IZIVIA Mobilité or the one you use for your own charging service).

On the IZIVIA Mobilité site, the user registers and signs up to a plan: either a plan dedicated to your network of charging points, or one of IZIVIA Mobilité’s plans, also offering access to other networks of charging points.

The pass can also be one just for you, with your name, exclusively for use on your charging points.


On the website for your charging service, users create an online account giving them access to:

  • the map of charging points available in real time
  • their favourite stations
  • their consumption statistics
  • their pricing options
  • their personal information: identity, address, pass, payment method, preferences, alerts and notifications.


Users pay their bills (registration fees, subscription, charging etc.) via different payment methods: direct debit, payment by bank card. From their online account, users can access their bills and see details of the charges completed with the associated costs. In the event of non-payment, reminder messages may be sent, then the account may be deactivated, in agreement with the client that owns the charging points.


IZIVIA offers an app, available for Smartphones for those who have signed up to the service as well as first-time users, which shows the location of charging points, offers access to them for charging and lets you pay for and monitor your consumption.

You’ve just established your fleet of electric vehicles and now want to put charging and access solutions in place.

We offer an off-the-shelf service designed to make it easier to manage your network.

Our solution?

An IT tool that lets you manage access to electric and/or equipped petrol/diesel vehicles. This solution means different people can use vehicles without the need to hand in the key.


The solution includes:

  • a communicating system installed in the vehicles (hardware),
  • a system that lets you manage arrivals and departures, from the vehicle, the client, the settings or third-party partners (software).

The solution lets you access vehicles electronically with a pass or a smartphone.

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